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Does the Design of Radiology Equipment Matter?

The commonness of obesity disease among children and adults has increased dramatically. Imaging departments must be prepared to face the demands especially in emergency and imaging departments. Each imaging modality must provide the highest quality exam for patients with obesity disease without risking delay in care. Continue reading to see ways Fujifilm Healthcare’s portfolio speaks to the demands.

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As the prevalence of the obesity disease continues to rise, healthcare providers and manufacturers have responded by investing in facility architectural and equipment designs that safely and effectively serve patients with obesity. This includes CT and MRI scanners with wider apertures, greater table weights etc.

In a recent survey conducted by the AHRA to Radiology Management membership, when asked, ” When purchasing new MR or CT imaging equipment, do you feel that physical attributes like table weight capacity or gantry opening size, have become more important in the consideration process?” 98% of respondents answered “yes.”

An article² recently published by the Hammes Research group concluded, “Obese people require more healthcare than people of average weight. Their needs have to be considered in ORs, radiology and diagnostic imaging, both in the treatment rooms and the equipment used.”

AHRA Survey



Echelon Oval 

  • Industry's widest 1.5T bore (74cm) and table width (63cm) 
  • High table capacity (550lbs) with battery assist for wheel chair transfers 
  • Guaranteed best homogeneity and large field-of-view for high image quality 


  • The only Open High Field 1.2T MR with high table capacity (660lbs) 
  • Extra-wide table (82cm) enables lateral table movement, iso-center imaging and increased patient comfort 
  • Table lowers to 20" for easy access 

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Scenaria View and Supria Models 

  • Enlarged gantry openings for patient accommodation and table weight capacity up to 550lbs 
  • Higher x-ray power, when needed, for optimal diagnostic exams with scanners ranging from 16 up to 128-slice 
  • Scenaria View models include an innovative Lateral Shift Table that facilitates moving and accurately positioning larger patients 

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  • One-probe solution for all linear applications, no matter the body habitus 
  • eFocusing eliminates focal zones and focuses at all depths simultaneously simplifying workflow 
  • Single crystal probe technology increases signal to noise resolution and penetration 

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Every Patient, Every Time

Every patient deserves the highest level of care and as providers, you need to be equipped to manage all patient types, regardless of size. Not having the appropriate equipment to accommodate, care for, and manage all populations can result in dissatisfied patients and patient leakage. Value-based performance dollars tied to patient satisfaction scores are significant – maximizing patient satisfaction and keeping patients in network can have profound financial implications.3


1 Obesity Action Coalition, 2019
2 Center for Disease Control, 2019
3 Advisory Board Company Research


“Competing systems offer a 70-cm bore, and patients do say that they notice the difference provided by those additional 4 cm.” -- Boone Health

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