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FUJIFILM Healthcare

Message from the CEO

The highest priority of Fujifilm Healthcare during this period of uncertainty is the well-being of our customers and employees. I am writing to share that Fujifilm Healthcare is maintaining our business to assist you in operating your business during the COVID -19 pandemic. While we are actively monitoring the impact of COVID-19, we have taken several measures to deliver uninterrupted operations.

Like most businesses, we have implemented a work from home policy for our employees whose jobs allow them to work remotely so that they can continue to operate our corporate systems and support our customers, while at the same time protecting their safety and the safety of their families. For our service and support employees who must be on the front lines we have provided them with access to personal protective equipment to minimize their exposure to the virus. The job of my management team is to continue to find ways to meet our customers’ needs. In that regard, Fujifilm Healthcare's supply chain for parts has not been interrupted and our service and support teams remain available as always to support your mission of providing quality patient care.

This crisis brings into sharp focus our vision of contributing to society through loyal customers who are fighting with extraordinary circumstances. 

Fujifilm Healthcare remains dedicated to supporting your business. We will continue to communicate with you as necessary, but feel free to contact your Fujifilm Healthcare sales or service person with any questions you may have. 

Wishing you and your families continued good health!

Yasuhiko Taniguchi

Fujifilm Cares

Fujifilm Support is available by calling our Fujifilm Cares Support Center:


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