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Flexible and Practical Post COVID-19 Capital Equipment Financing Options


Written by Fujifilm Healthcare Americas | July 2020

Cautious and careful, the two c’s to describe how life and businesses will transition to operating post COVID-19. Consumers and businesses alike will become more mindful and prudent as it relates to purchasing as everyone is fully aware that the world can change in a New York minute. Acquiring imaging equipment will be no exception and has prompted lenders to develop programs that can help healthcare organizations with no capital or designated funding to obtain the equipment they need to effectively manage the increasing healthcare need of their communities.

Our team got the skinny from our trusted finance partner, Key Equipment Finance, on what programs are most desirable post COVID-19 relating to capital equipment and found three of the highest demand capital equipment financing programs being considered below:

  1. Deferred Payment*
    Get your referrals and volumes ramped up before making your first payment with a deferred payment plan; 90 day standard deferment but terms may vary based on circumstance.

    Deferred Payment

  2. Sale and Leaseback*
    This financing option is an excellent way to liberate your working capital from its depreciating assets. Sale and Leaseback also improves your financial liquidity ratios. Here’s how it works: Key Equipment Finance buys your recently acquired assets and leases the assets back to you at competitive rates.

    Sale and Leaseback

  3. Total Solution Financing*
    Total Solution Financing is a powerful, comprehensive financing method. In this plan, you can bundle all equipment, acquisition costs (e.g., hardware, software, service, installation, training, maintenance, etc.) in a single lease with fixed, monthly payments.
    -In a recent 2020 AHRA survey, 62% of Radiology Administrators responded that total cost of ownership is the most important consideration when purchasing advanced imaging equipment
    *Zero or low rate % financing programs available for those that qualify.

    Total Solution Financing

2020 Fujifilm-Key Equipment Finance Partnership Programs

Fujifilm Healthcare has teamed up with Key Equipment Finance to offer a few programs meeting the post-COVID criteria including:

CAP your CT expenses
If your organization is currently paying between $8K-$10K for the service and maintenance agreement for an aged CT system, STOP! For that same monthly amount, utilizing your operational budget, Fujifilm can provide you a brand new 128 slice SCENARIA View CT with 7 years of premium level service, including tube replacement. Absolutely no out of pocket expenses for the life cycle of the equipment.


No Risk Ultrasound Rental Program
For approximately $2K monthly, purchase, lease, or rent Fujifilm’s latest ARIETTA 850SE Ultrasound equipped with premium clinical capabilities and novel CMUT probe technology (one probe, multiple applications).

Rental Program

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