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How Fujifilm Imaging Solutions Help Rural Hospitals Accommodate Virtually Any Patient


Written by Fujifilm Healthcare Americas | July 2020


Today, one in three Americans is affected by obesity – and the prevalence of the disease is highest in rural communities. Sobering facts like these are prompting many rural hospitals to provide equal access to diagnostic care for all of their patients, regardless of weight or size.

The question is, how do you know what MRI or CT machine is right for your facility? (You’ll find many scanners have bells and whistles that add to the price – but not to your bottom line.) And what about choosing the right partner to work with?

Trusted Partner

As you know, bigger doesn’t always mean better in the field of healthcare. The same holds true when it comes to diagnostic imaging companies. Many get by on name recognition alone. But rural health is in a class by itself. Choosing a partner who understands your hospital’s unique challenges – and opportunities – is essential to success.

It’s also essential to identify design features that will deliver accelerated return on investment. Here are three key differentiators to look for when choosing an MRI or CT scanner that can deliver maximum ROI:

Fujifilm Healthcare MRI and CT scanners have wider apertures to accommodate individuals of virtually any weight and size. But the benefits don’t end there. Fujifilm’s unique features translate into:


  • Increased revenue. In a recent study comparing bore size, Fujifilm’s wider and open bore designs demonstrated the capacity to accommodate significantly more patients compared to a traditional 70cm bore size.
  • Higher satisfaction scores. One in five MR studies requires a repeat scan due to patient motion. With patient discomfort being one of several potential causes.
    • Fujifilm’s larger bores provides additional space for improved patient comfort.


  • Improved outcomes. Specialized features for optimized bariatric imaging like a faster and more powerful generator (84kW), improving image quality. Or, lateral shifting table automatically optimizes patient positioning for higher quality image acquisition.
    • Allows for faster scans with high image quality independent of patient size and weight.

Oval and Scenaria View

Base your decision on facts
Fujifilm partnered with the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) to understand how radiology imaging equipment design and features affect patient accommodation.

As you consider investing in the future of your rural hospital, download our free whitepaper to learn how Fujifilm Imaging Solutions can specifically address patient accommodation challenges.