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What’s in a Name – and Why Should Rural Hospitals Care?


Written by Fujifilm Healthcare Americas | June 11, 2020

Rural hospital leaders know better than anyone that bigger doesn’t always mean “better” when it comes to healthcare. The same holds true for imaging solutions companies.

You’ve probably heard of GE, Siemens and Phillips. Big names, yes. But more and more rural health facilities are breaking from the ranks and partnering with Fujifilm Healthcare Americas.

If you’re not familiar with Fujifilm, it’s a name you’ll want to know. In fact, thousands of your colleagues already do. Why?


One reason: Fujifilm imaging systems are “workhorses.”

Most rural hospitals don’t want costly features they rarely, if ever use; features that add to the price of a scanner, yet produce no direct ROI.

Fujifilm understands the unique challenges – and budget constraints – rural hospitals face. We design our radiology machines with this in mind. That’s why innovation and flexibility are so important to us. Our CT and MRI machines have multi-purpose imaging capabilities. You can think of it as getting multiple scanners for the price of one.

You can think of it as getting multiple scanners for the price of one.


Another reason rural hospitals are choosing Fujifilm: We’re small enough to care.

How many times have you talked about your organization’s differentiators in terms of your staff (neighbors helping neighbors) and the quality of care they provide? Expect that same level of service from Fujifilm.

You’re never the small fish in a pond of big-city hospitals. Fujifilm gives our rural healthcare partners our undivided attention no matter when, where, how or how often they need us.

But what does that really mean to your rural hospital – and why should you and your staff care? Here are just a few examples of the level of service we provide:

  • Unlimited scheduled on-site applications training
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • No charge updates

So ... what’s in a name? One of our rural healthcare partners sums it up this way:

“The versatility and affordability of the equipment, coupled with the service and support value proposition, are really what sets Fujifilm apart and enables them to be a true vendor partner.”

Trusted Partner

Make a decision based on facts

To demonstrate our commitment to rural healthcare, we’re offering your hospital a free market analysis of the demand for imaging services in your area. Knowing the true potential for ROI can help guide your radiology equipment decisions.

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